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Preventing Falls and Injuries

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It becomes increasingly important to avoid injuries from slips and falls as we age. Our bones and joints may not be as strong as before, which means we must exercise additional caution to prevent any sprains or breaks. Here are some simple yet useful tips to prevent slips, trips, and falls.

Make Your Home Fall-Proof

We spend a lot of our time at home, which is why it’s important that our house or apartment be designed to minimize any accidents or falls. That means:

• Keeping pathways free of clutter and cords, and securing rugs to the floor with tape or non-slip pads.
• Having bright lighting, especially in areas like bathrooms and stairwells that can be more prone to accidents. Motion-sensor lights are a good option to provide visibility while also being energy efficient.
• Installing handrails on staircases and placing grab bars close to the toilet and shower in the bathroom.

Stay Aware of Your Environment

It’s important to be aware of potential tripping hazards wherever you are. That means:

• Keeping an eye out for uneven sidewalks or pavements that could cause you to trip.
• Choosing appropriate, supportive footwear with suitable traction.
• Watching out for tripping hazards on the ground, like bags, cords, sticks, protruding furniture legs, and unsecured rugs.
• Exercising additional caution on wet surfaces, especially after rain, as they may become slippery.

Proactively Prevent Falls

Basic, daily exercises can help minimize your risk of falls. By strengthening your balance and muscles you can markedly decrease the likelihood of accidents.

Here is one easy exercise to try:

• Stand next to or behind a stable chair and raise one foot off the ground.
• Balance on the foot for several seconds, up to a minute.
• Alternate legs and perform the exercise again on the opposite side.

Looking for more ways to stay active? Explore the fitness programs offered at Wesley Pines. Community Life Services staff offer a variety of fitness and exercise opportunities, and our physical therapists are available to help you improve and maintain your balance.

For more stability, fashionable and functional accessories such as canes and walking sticks can be useful. Many different styles exist for a variety of aesthetic tastes, while also offering crucial support.

How to Fall Safely

Learn how to “fall correctly” to minimize your risk of injury, by:

• Keeping calm and bending your elbows to help absorb the impact. This will protect your joints and wrists.
• Shielding your head by turning it to the side when falling forward or tucking your chin if falling backward.
• Aiming to land on your bottom or the softer parts of your body to minimize the impact and cushion your fall.
• Rolling with the fall, when possible, instead of abruptly halting it. This will limit the abrupt impact to your bones and joints.

Prevent Falls By Living In a Senior Living Community

Living in a senior community can help reduce your risk of falls with:

• Carefully tended outdoor areas regularly cleared from ice or snow.
• Intelligently designed interiors with wide hallways, elevators, and step-free entrances, all reducing potential tripping hazards.
• On-site facilities tailored to enhance your overall wellness. Fitness centers offer opportunities to improve and sustain your strength, while experienced personal trainers can guide you through balance-enhancing exercises aimed at fortifying stability and minimizing the risk of falls.

Experience Holistic Wellness at Wesley Pines

Our programs and social activities are designed to help you strengthen your body, engage your mind, and nourish your spirit. Maintain your independence while enjoying the luxury of time to pursue your passions with a maintenance-free lifestyle.


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