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Scheduling Outdoor Visits

Oh Happy Day, we are implementing Secretarial Order #3 to allow in person outdoor visits for our Nursing and Assisted Living Residents!  The first qualification that Wesley Pines must meet in order to host in-person visits is that we not have any cases of COVID among our residents or staff and at this point, we do not!  Per the most recent federal regulation, we have begun testing all employees twice per week.  If we have a test come back positive, we will have to suspend all visitation.

We are using a web-based program called Sign Up Genius to schedule the outdoor visits.  Click on this link and choose either Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Outdoor Visits.  You will be able to choose a 15-minute time slot for your visit.  Please arrive a few minutes early for purposes of being screened prior to your visit.  We will ask you some screening questions related to COVID and will take your temperature.  You will then be seated in the designated area and asked to use the hand sanitizer provided to sanitize your hands.  We will then bring your loved one out for the visit.  Please bring a mask that covers your mouth and nose and wear the mask at all times while on the Wesley Pines campus.  Visitors with a temperature above the facility’s protocol or those that do not comply with infection control standards will not be allowed to participate in visitation.

It is the responsibility of the visitor to be honest with answers regarding symptoms, known or suspected exposures to COVID, or diagnosis of COVID.  If a visitor exhibits symptoms of COVID, is diagnosed with COVID, or is informed of a known exposure to COVID withing 2 days (48 hours) of visiting a resident, the visitor must inform the facility administrator of such information (wrozier@umrh.org).

Visitors will be assigned to a designated outdoor location and must remain in that location for the duration of the visit.  Visitors may only visit with the resident they are signed up to visit with.

Visitors must remain 6 feet apart from the resident during the visit.   

Visitation stations will be sanitized using an EPA-approved disinfectant for SARS-CoV-2 after each visit and as needed.  Scheduling is set up to allow ample time for disinfecting the area appropriately.  Visits will start promptly at the scheduled time and will end at the schedule time.  If the visitor arrives late, the visit will be cut short, or have to be rescheduled, according to how late the visitor arrives.

For the first week of visitation, we have time slots available for 3pm to 6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Based upon demand for visits and our ability to meet the requirements, including having extra staff on hand to supervise the visits, the schedule may be different next week.  You will be able to go to the Sign Up Genius at any time and see the schedule for the week and sign up for a visit.   https://www.signupgenius.com/register

Please note, our goal is to ensure every resident gets to enjoy a visit as quickly as possible.  In the event one resident has multiple visits scheduled and that leaves no slots available for residents who have not had a visit, some multiple visits may have to be canceled.

I’m sure there will be some kinks or unforeseen circumstance that arise as we begin this new process, but we are very excited for our residents to be able to visit with family members and we are dedicated to making this work as smoothly as possible.  Please don’t hesitate to send me any question, concern, or suggestion to wrozier@umrh.org.

We are one in the bond of love!