Short-Term Rehabilitation for Seniors in Lumberton, NC

Get back to the life you love.

When illness, injury or surgery interrupts your active lifestyle, the rehabilitation team at Wesley Pines is ready to help. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists will develop a personalized plan to help you recover quickly and safely.

Planning begins before you’re discharged from the hospital. We’ll work with you, your family members, your medical team, and your insurer to ensure appropriate therapies and services are in place.

A choice of private or semiprivate rooms, comfortable common spaces, restaurant-style dining, nutritious snacks, and housekeeping services allow you to relax and focus on your recovery for the best possible outcome.

At every step on your path to recovery, you’ll benefit from the support of compassionate staff and friendly residents. When you’re not doing your daily therapy, you can participate in group activities and enjoy socializing with others in the community.

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“We live at Wesley Pines. Last year, my husband broke his hip and after a lengthy stay at the hospital, skilled nursing and rehab, we came home. A wonderful Physical Therapist from our rehab department came down 3 times a week and taught him how to walk here in his own house, but also taught me how to work with him when he was not here.

A wonderful CNA came every day to give his a bath and taught me how to do this when he could not come. How wonderful this was and allowed him to get well at home. We will always be grateful to Wesley Pines for this extended service to help give us a normal life again.”


A full range of therapy for a full recovery.

Physical therapy

Concentrates on building strength, improving balance, and increasing range of motion and endurance. It can help reduce pain, restore mobility, and shorten recovery time after orthopedic surgery.

Occupational therapy

Helps people perform daily activities, such as eating or dressing, that have become difficult because of a disorder or injury. Therapists may also use adaptive strategies to help people compensate for impairments.

Speech therapy

Helps people articulate words, improve memory, and restore cognitive abilities such as problem-solving and time management. Speech therapy also teaches safe feeding and swallowing techniques.

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