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One Year Anniversary

As we reach the one-year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to pause and reflect on the sacrifices that our residents, staff, and families have made in order to keep our Wesley Pines family safe and healthy. This has only been possible with everyone working together diligently, day after day, with the focused goal of keeping Covid out of our community and mitigating all risks that posed a threat.

How can we put into words the appreciation that we have after an exhausting year of social isolation, social distancing, Covid testing, extra sanitation measures, quarantining, immeasurable stress, long hours, and extra job duties that we were not accustomed to? We simply cannot. Just know that we are grateful for every sacrifice that our residents, our staff, and all our loved ones made to ensure our safety.

We look ahead to relaxed restrictions and the time when this pandemic is a distant memory. Until then we continue with further resolve on our mission to provide quality care and services for our residents.

God Bless!