Hurricane Dorian Update

September 3, 2019 -

September 3, 2019

Hurricane Dorian Bulletin:

The Wesley Pines Management Team is monitoring the progress of Hurricane Dorian. At this point we are watching the path while also preparing to weather the storm.  We are reviewing our storm policy and procedures and taking appropriate precautionary measures such as, but not limited to:

-Our generator has been tested and fuel tank filled  
-Nursing, Food and Beverage, and Environmental Services departments have ordered extra supplies to have on hand
-All vehicles are fueled
-Drainage areas have been checked for obstructions
-The well that was drilled following Hurricane Matthew has been inspected and does have potable water
-Chainsaws are in good working order and we have adequate fuel, oil, and replacement chains
-We have tarps in the event of roof damage
-We have adequate raw food on hand
-The Plant Department crew will secure outdoor furnishings that may pose a hazard
-We will maintain roads during the storm in the event emergency vehicles need to reach us

As our normal protocol, if that situation presents itself, we will have members of our management team on site for the duration of the storm. We will post updates on our website ( and our Facebook page as the storm develops if possible to update our resident's family and friends.  Anyone needing assistance or having a question may call the main number (910-738-9691), the manager-on-duty number (910-674-6789) or Wade Rozier (910-258-3423).