News image for BIG NEWS!
April 1, 2019 -

Have you heard the news?  Have you noticed any surveyors or construction crews on the Wesley Pines campus?  We have heard many whispers about what could be happening on our grounds and wanted you to hear the big news from us first.

We are installing a zip-line!  The zip-line will be for our independent living residents to travel from their cottages and villas to the main building faster.  A zip-line platform will be installed in a central location near the frog pond.  We feel that this is an unused location that will be the perfect spot to jump on and jump off.  Despite this being a low-lying area, our Environmental Impact Study revealed this was the idea location.

Residents will receive their very own safety equipment that will include a harness and leather glove. This will be provided free of charge! The benefits of zip-lining are tremendous!  Studies have found that seniors who zip-line experience high levels of endorphins, are happier, and experience more restful sleep.  AREN'T YOU EXCITED?


.....gotcha!  Happy April Fool's Day!